Tower Hamlets Fairness Commission holds final public meeting

Tower Hamlets Fairness Commission held its final public meeting last week.

In the third meeting held by the Commission – which was set up to address the borough’s wealth divide - the discussion focused on the theme of “how can we look out for each other?”

The funding problems faced by voluntary organisations were highlighted in the wider context of the forthcoming benefit cap and the ongoing economic slump.

The Commission’s chair, Dr Giles Fraser, said: “We’ve had lots of people come and talk to us and make contributions over a long period of time.

“Now we’re going to shift as a Commission and start putting our report together. We’re hugely grateful to the many people who have spoken to us. It’s like one big Rubik’s Cube, now we’re about to start twisting it!”

Following the final meeting at Stepney Green Maths, Computing and Science College in Ben Johnson Road, the Commission is due to deliver its final report in early summer.