Tower Hamlets’ Muslim groups back Royal Wedding in face of minority opposition

Muslim groups in Tower Hamlets have issued a statement to the East London Advertiser supporting tomorrow’s Royal Wedding and condemning groups such as Muslims Against Crusades who oppose it.

The borough’s Council of Mosques held a meeting at the London Muslim Centre in Whitechapel yesterday to discuss “what the Muslim community in Tower Hamlets really feels about the Royal Wedding”, according to a spokesman for the centre.

It came amid fears over a demonstration by the MAC group planned to disrupt the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton.

MAC, who oppose British military involvement in Afghanistan and who have branded Prince William a “modern day Nazi”, cancelled their demo yesterday because activists believe a terrorist attack on the wedding is a “very real possibility”, according to their website.

They have called on all Muslims in the UK and abroad not to attend the wedding.

The joint statement from Muslim groups in the borough, co-signed by the Poplar Mosque & Community Centre, the East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre and the Al Huda Cultural Centre and Mosque in Mile End Road among others, said: “Muslims should very well know that marriage is promoted and celebrated in Islam.

“Families built on the basis of marriage are at the core of human society.”

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Prior to the MAC’s cancellation, the joint statement said: “The plans of a tiny minority of individuals from the Muslim community who seek to sow dissension and division by holding a nonsensical demonstration against the wedding is neither representative of the views of the Muslim community, nor of Islam as a religion.”

The ELA has been unable to get a comment from the MAC.

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