Tower Hamlets plans council housing for birds and bats on estates

Council housing for birds

Council housing for birds - Credit: TH Homes

The public housing ‘wing’ of Tower Hamlets council is planning to house birds and bats on their estates in London’s East End.

Tower Hamlets Homes' Mark Hewson and Jan Webber start 'birds housing scheme' in Hackney Road

Tower Hamlets Homes' Mark Hewson and Jan Webber start 'birds housing scheme' in Hackney Road - Credit: TH Homes

The batty idea is part of a programme by Tower Hamlets Homes to install bat boxes, birdhouses and even ‘sparrow terraces’ in 27 neighbourhoods.

The bat boxes are being placed in a few of the most likely locations for the winged creatures to find them, the council’s biodiversity officer revealed.

Standard open-fronted boxes suitable for robins are also planned, along with ‘sparrow terraces’ to encourage the ‘cockney sparrow’ back to the East End after their disappearance 10 years ago.

“Many of our native urban birds such as Sparrows and Starlings are on the decline,” tweeted a housing spokesman.

“So we’re planning to give them a helping hand by placing three nesting boxes on all 27 neighbourhood estates.”

Housing bosses are taking Robins and other small birds such as Blue Tits and Wrens off the ‘waiting’ list after visiting the estates with the council’s Biodiversity officer and environmental contractors to identify suitable locations.

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The boxes are being installed tomorrow (Sat), with more planned by the end of the month in time for birds to start nesting in March.

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