Tower Hamlets 'trash' objections to estate building plans

UP to 50 residents against building plans for an East End estate demonstrated at the Town Hall Tuesday night.

By Else Kvist

UP to 50 residents against building plans for an East End estate demonstrated at the Town Hall Tuesday night.

But their protest against the development of Mile End's Eric and Treby Estates were 'trashed' by Tower Hamlets councillors despite campaigners saying the plans had "hardly changed" since councillors rejected them earlier in the year.

Resident Lena Milaa said the loss of open space and car parking, lack of social housing, and concerns over amenities and the design had "hardly been addressed".

The plans by housing association East End Homes were approved by the development committee with four labour councillors voting for the scheme while three opposition councillors voted against. The decision was met by shouts of "Shame" from the public gallery.

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After the meeting resident Mark Taylor said: "Obviously we're gutted - so many people worked hard to get residents views across. 'Housing Choice' was supposed to be about residents' empowerment but has obviously been hijacked by vested interests. "This decision completely trashes the objections expressed by very many residents who wrote letters, signed petitions and turned up to six development committee meetings."

Under the plans blocks up to seven stories high will built to provide 179 flats.

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Existing buildings would be refurbished while 14 bed-site unites would be demolished. Two community buildings and a management office are also part of the plans.

East End Homes said the development will enable �20million to be invested in their estates. It would also provide 50 new affordable homes for rent including for large families to help overcrowding in the borough.

For more reactions from the committee meeting see tomorrow's paper version of the Advertiser

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