Tower Hamlets Uncut to stage banks protest in Canary Wharf

PROTESTORS will descend on Canary Wharf this evening as they take a ‘guided tour’ of the banks.

Pressure group Tower Hamlets Uncut says it will begin the demonstration at 5.30pm after meeting outside Canary Wharf tube station.

A tour guide with an umbrella will lead proceedings and participants are being encouraged to bring “something loud and a strong sense of justice”.

Among the companies to be targeted on the tour will be Barclays, HSBC, Bank of America, Citigroup and law firm Allen & Overy.

The group, set up by public sector workers in Tower Hamlets, says it is unfair that the council is forced to make �70 million of cuts while Canary Wharf’s companies make such big profits.

“International finance treats Tower Hamlets like a tourist destination, with no regard for the people who live here,” said the group.

“Our ‘guided tour’ will be a creative parody of a tourist tour - interesting and informative, though with a bit more noise!”