Tower Hamlets won’t host Olympics marathon—just the traffic chaos

Dear Ed... Residents are now able to apply for the Olympics tickets that Tower Hamlets council had bought from the Games organisers with taxpayers’ money, according to the Advertiser’s online article yesterday.

It would be interesting to know whether the tickets are distributed fairly and to whom.

Tower Hamlets as a 2012 ‘host’ borough will not be hosting any real Games or the Olympics Marathon which Lord Coe’s organising committee switched to the West End, perhaps because they didn’t want to show our deprived East End or ethnic minorities, as some might argue, live on world television.

But Tower Hamlets will definitely host a couple of things for certain, such as chaotic traffic congestion and continued incompetence by the council in getting the best deal for its residents—apart from allowing the US team to train in Mile End while local people are watched closely and suspected by their security personnel.

Wais Islam

Former Olympic Ambassador for Tower Hamlets


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