Tower of London backs city bid

The governor of the Tower of London today gave his backing to the borough’s bid to become a city.

The town hall is hoping the prestige of the tower – a World Heritage site and Britain’s oldest royal palace which attracts two million visitors a year - will help it fend off competition from 25 other authorities contending for the title.

Only one town or borough will be given the accolade as part of Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations next year.

Describing Tower Hamlets as being “worthy of recognition”, Richard Harrold said the borough’s historical presence makes it a strong contender.

He added: “The very name ‘Tower Hamlets’ evokes the strong links we feel to our community.

“In the Jubilee year what better choice can there be but a borough with roots in the past, that is a symbol of today and has ambition for the future.”

Lutfur Rahman, Mayor of Tower Hamlets said the council would be working closely with the tower over the bid.

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Known for the merciless killings and imprisonments that took place there over the centuries, the tower still has strong links with the monarchy.

It is home to the Crown Jewels which include the Queen’s official crowns, orb and sceptre.