Train cleaner Gaspare save the day when woman loses Olympics tickets

Train cleaner Gaspare Giarracco is an Olympic ‘champ’ to the mother and her teenage son who mislaid their tickets to the 2012 Games on their way to Stratford.

The two arrived at the Olympic Park from Colchestser when they realised they couldn’t find the tickets and retraced their steps looking for them—without success.

They got another train to Liverpool Street, where a rail supervisor identified the original train—but it had already been swept clean.

That’s when Gaspare, 42, stepped in and sorted through the bins and sacks of rubbish in the station—one of the busiest in Europe.

Sure enough, Gapare found the tickets and mother and son were able to return to Stratford to enjoy their day at the Olympics watching the hockey.

“Gaspare really is a champion,” said Greater Anglia’s Customer Service director Andrew Goodrum. “He’s gone the extra mile to make sure the passengers’ once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Olympics could go ahead.”

Gaspare’s actions were noted by his manager Suzanne Geiger, who nominated him for a special ‘Champions’ award the rail company gives staff making a significant contribution to train services during the 2012 Games.