Tweets of the Week: Are West Ham’s automatic promotion hopes over?

Hammers fans have their say on their club’s promotion chances

West Ham fans discuss all things Hammers with our correspondent Nathaniel John.

Join in the discussion on Twitter @Nathaniel_John This week, Hammers fans reveal whether they think the club’s hopes of automatic promotion are now over.

We have no real chance as six points from seven home games clearly isn’t good enough – @123bradsmith

I think it’s all over now. I can’t see Reading or Southampton slipping up even if we win all four games – @pudderst

We need to keep the faith. Southampton play Reading this Friday so this weekend we will know if there is a slim chance of automatic promotion or now – @T12GUT

We will go up! Reading and Southampton will draw and West Ham will beat Brighton. Then it’s game on – @whufcJARVO

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It isn’t over until the Fat Sam sings, but I can hear him tuning his voice – @LeeBarnes29

I just can’t believe that we were 11 points clear of Reading two months ago, and we are now six behind. I’m gutted. Our poor home form has cost us – @WHUFC_News

I still have to retain a little faith in Saints beating Reading and us winning against Brighton to retain a small hope, but realistically our chance has gone – @KwamsMoriarty

I suppose while it is mathematically possible you have to have some faith. If we win the last four and Reading lose at Southampton and Birmingham City – @HammerJeff63

We have to be realistic here – if we can make away form count in the semis then a final at Wembley is another away game – @onesteviebacon

It’s not so much losing the faith, Saints and Reading have simply deserved it more over the season. Hopefully the quality that we have will be enough but we have to earn it – @jflynn84

The figures mean that you can’t keep the faith now. Six points with four games to go. We can get 12 points, but Reading will get seven from their last four – @richdenm

We have no chance now. I can even see us losing to Birmingham City in the play-off final – @stevetiley47

I’m keeping the faith as long as it’s possible. It isn’t impossible for Reading to still lose at Southampton and Birmingham. We have to keep winning and see what happens – @StudinJones

I don’t have faith in West Ham not to bottle the play-offs. We’ve lost every other big game – @Alder32

We have no chance of the top two. We’ve drawn too many games – @niall_mcdonald

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