Tweets of the Week: Can Carroll fire West Ham into top 10?

Hammers fans view their opinions on England striker

Each week our correspondent Nathaniel John asks Hammers fans for their views on club matters.

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This week, we ask if the fans agree with Sam Allardyce’s comments that Andy Carroll could fire West Ham into the top 10 of the Premier League.

Top 10? That’s a push, but he will make a massive difference to Cole and the team. Now Cole has hard competition and has to up his game – @paulholland1987

Carroll was fantastic, he made the difference to the team and allowed others to run onto balls. Anyone who says we play the long ball game didn’t see the demolition of Fulham, the ball was played around wonderfully in true footballing style. The best West Ham have played for sometime – @919er

I think Andy Carroll is the difference between us finishing in the bottom five or the top 10 – @af_ben

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I think West Ham will be finishing between eighth and 12th with Andy Carroll in the team – @NextGenGooner

Carroll won’t necessarily score all the goals but he will increase the hit rate of those around him – @Welsted

Carroll will score goals, get assists and cause defences lots of problems – but only if he gets decent service. With Nolan, Taylor and Jarvis to come in, I expect him to get quite a few goals this season – @BaggiosPonytail

I was at the game and he was the difference for us. His touch and class brought the midfield closer and he is going to tie it all up for West Ham – @prolaz22

The next three games will show how important Carroll is going to be for us. After the way we played against Fulham, from the Norwich, Sunderland and QPR games we would be looking for seven points. Without him, let’s see how we get on – @Jay___Pee

After just 68 minutes everyone can now see how good Carroll will be for us, we look so much better with him leading the line – @dan_whu

I can’t believe Carroll is out for six weeks. We might miss out on the Champions League spots now! – @norgzz

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