Tweets of the Week: Hammers fans not concerned by Southampton’s form

West Ham supporters confident that Saints will fade after Christmas

West Ham fans discuss all things Hammers with our correspondent Nathaniel John.

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This week, Hammers fans share their views on league leaders Southampton, and whether West Ham can catch them.

Yes we can catch Southampton. They’ve shown what they’ve got. We’re in second place without playing particularly well and with notable injuries.

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I’m not at all worried. There’s a long way to go yet and I don’t think Southampton will be able to keep up the pace.

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I’d like to see how they cope when they get a few injuries. We’re doing okay with a few key players missing, I think that they would struggle.


Promotion is all that counts, the position we get this year will have no bearing on how we do next year anyway.


Promotion is the only thing that matters this season. I’d take second place right now!


Southampton will not be able to maintain this winning streak. West Ham will become more consistent and will win the league and automatic promotion.


Christmas will be key, we should take more points in that period than anyone else with our strength in depth.


In all honesty, I think Southampton will slow down over the Christmas period, but will be more than happy with second place at the end of the season.


I couldn’t give a monkeys about Southampton. We just need to concentrate on what we’re doing. I don’t care about winning the league, all I want is for us to go up.


I think Southampton have been pretty consistent with their first XI. Let’s see how they get on with injuries, I think we’ll catch them then.


Not massively worried, Southampton have a good, young squad. If they get injuries I don’t think they have the depth in their squad to maintain their recent results.


I expect Southampton to fade down after Christmas, with us finishing strongly at the top of the table.


I’m not worried about Southampton as they will get a battering soon and lose, plus players will start to get injured. Can we catch them? Yes we can. Can we win the league? Yes we can, but we will be pushed all the way.


Southampton can run away with the league if they want. As long as we finish second that’s absolutely fine!


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