Tweets of the Week: Hammers fans reveal alternative striker options

West Ham supporters in favour of a move for Sordell or Maynard

West Ham fans discuss all things Hammers with our correspondent Nathaniel John.

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This week, Hammers fans give their verdict on who they would like to see the club sign now it looks as though Jordan Rhodes won’t be signing for West Ham.

Maynard would be my choice. He is a proven goalscorer and may be cheaper than Sordell due to his release clause. – @jflynn84

If we sign another tall, hold the ball up type of striker it will be stupid! Would love to see a pacy striker sign. – @pudderst

I’ve said for a long time to get Maynard. He wouldn’t cost as much as Rhodes either. – @rossihammer78

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Sordell looks interesting and has to be my favourite option. – @Metloroli

Hooper from Celtic is the player we need. He knows where the back of the net is as well. – @Daveyboymarra

A winger/creative midfielder is more important than another striker I think. Baldock and Cole can score enough with better delivery. I want to see someone like Whittingham come in. – @Stubal12

Defoe for me. Spurs don’t need him. – @mx78Dave

I think our front two of Cole and Baldock are sufficient with a number of the youth squad looking good enough to provide back-up options. We definitely need an out-and-out left winger though, Taylor has been missed so much this season. – @billy_jones1

I really like Lewis McGugan. He is dynamic and quick and I think he could do a job out wide too. – @AaronPStephens

Hooper would never leave Celtic and Maynard will go to a Premier League side. I would rather have Billy Sharp to be honest. – @McGrath88

Sordell or Maynard are my preferred options as they have pace and know where the goal is. I don’t want Sharp as I don’t think that he is proven enough. – @Alder32

Nicky Maynard has done brilliantly in a consistently struggling side. He would give so much more to our firepower. – @Brad_Pinard

We need a winger! I’m sick to death of seeing pace-less centre midfielders out wide. – @MarkWHUFC

We need someone that you can count on every game for goals. There is no point on splashing out on a winger when you can’t convert crosses or chances. – @MJTweaton

I think Sordell would be best. One in three for Warford, he is only 20 and has lots of pace. Alternatively, Billy Sharp, as his goal record at our level is great. – @j22oph