Tweets of the Week: West Ham fans keen to see the back of out-of-form strikers

Hammers supporters want Freddie Piquionne and John Carew to be sold this month

West Ham fans discuss all things Hammers with our correspondent Nathaniel John.

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This week, Hammers fans discuss whether the club should sell Freddie Piquionne and John Carew.

I would sell them both to bring in a couple of million to fund the signing of a decent striker or exchange them for a good forward.


I would get rid of Piquionne but keep Carew, as he will make an impact from the bench.

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They are both on massive wages for the Championship and are both useless.


Carew has done very little so far. It only works when we play him in a 4-4-2 formation alongside Baldock. I think he might stay though, because of Cole’s lack of fitness. But in defence of both of them a lack of wingers doesn’t help. Carew looked better with Taylor on the wing.


Carew started well but has gone off the boil. He has more to offer than Piquionne, who has been awful, but has played the majority of games this season stuck out wide. He’s not really had many chances up top. I would let him go, but probably keep Carew.


Both of them should be good enough to get goals at this level, but both have struggled with poor or no service. Neither of them should be sold unless they can be replaced. Carew is certainly worth keeping for the old Brian Deane option come the season’s end.


They should both be sold, definitely. They won’t cut it next season and aren’t delivering this year. We need more energy up front.


I would let Piquionne go on a free transfer to anyone that wants him. I would be happy with Cole, Baldock, Sharp and Hall as our stirker.


They both need to go, but I genuinely cannot see anyone who would take them!


Sell them both, only if we can bring in a genuine goalscorer and then promote Nouble and Hall. The fans demand passion and desire, two things we don’t see from Carew or Piquionne.


Piquionne has been useless, and does nothing that Cole or Carew can’t do. We should sell him but keep Carew, as he was working well with Baldock before his injury.


I can’t help but think that both strikers’ poor form is to do with service and the team playing too narrow.


Get shot of both, free some money up for wages.


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