Tweets of the Week: West Ham fans reveal their questions for Allardyce

Hammers react to heavy Ipswich defeat

West Ham fans discuss all things Hammers with our correspondent Nathaniel John.

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This week, Hammers fans reveal the questions they would like to ask Sam Allardyce following West Ham’s 5-1 loss at Ipswich.

Will Nolan ever be substituted when playing poorly? - @ShaneBailey_ITF

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Any chance the club can sign 10 more players? Disgraceful performance… - @whufc_rutts

Was a lack of focus due to transfer negotiations behind the loss? Or was it the kick up the backside that we needed ahead of Saturday? - @Brad_Pinard

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When will the fans get their refund? Why do we need eight first-team strikers? Why can’t we start a game 4-4-2? - @AdamPlom

Why do you hate wingers? - @MarkWHUFC

What has happened to Tomkins and Reid? Why did they fall apart against Ipswich? - @tonywb_COYI

Why did the team play with no passion? We clearly need another defender. - @Hammered123

Before the game, everyone thought that we would smash Ipswich. It’s not Big Sam’s fault, the players were awful! - @dan_whu

Is there enough time in the loan window to get a whole new squad? - @JackDuignan_FFV

Why did we not start 4-4-2 against a very poor Ipswich team? - @vennersd39

Why did we start 4-5-1 against one of the poorest and more inconsistent teams in the Championship? - @damien65

Why do we still play 4-5-1? Why insist on playing Nolan when he is playing well below par? Why play Faubert at right back when we need him further forward? - @youngy_315

Why did Nolan not come off? - @XzombishX

Are you regretting not purchasing a competent wing-back? Why was there no urgency against Ipswich? When can Lansbury go back to Arsenal? - @jonbarmby

Just the simple one: What happened? - @davescates

How does Kevin Nolan stay on the pitch? Who’s going to create all these chances for our 10 strikers? - @Holland_78

When are we going to get a plan b? We are so one-dimensional. And when will Nolan be dropped? - @metcow

Nolan, Noble and Cole, are these really Premier League players playing in the Championship? Or just over-hyped dross? - @KwamsMoriarty

Why did we play one striker against the worse defence in the league? - @billy_jones1

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