Two jailed for terrorism material urging Muslims to ‘die for Allah’

Jailed... Shah Jalal Hussain (left) and Ibrahim Hassan

Jailed... Shah Jalal Hussain (left) and Ibrahim Hassan - Credit: MPS

Two men from east London have been jailed for uploading terrorist material on the worldwide web and distributing material encouraging Muslims to “die for Allah”.

Shah Jalal Hussain, 31, and Ibrahim Hassan, 28, were both sentenced at the Old Bailey to three years on Friday after admitting 12 charges between them.

Jalal Hussain was arrested in Whitechapel last June, under the 2006 Terrorism Act, for disseminating terrorist publications.

It followed a raid in east London a month earlier by the Met’s SO15 Counter Terrorism Command when Ibrahim Hassan was arrested in Walthamstow for commissioning, preparing or instigating acts of terrorism.

Searches were carried out at two addresses where evidence was found on a computer connecting him to the uploading. Jalal Hussain was linked to the website through his pseudonym.

“These men posted material on the internet which clearly had the potential to incite terrorism and put public at risk,” Pol Cmdr Duncan Ball from the Counter Terrorism Command said after Friday’s sentence. “We have the commitment and ability to tackle those who support and encourage terrorism by whatever means they use.”

The two uploaded videos to a website they operated and also recorded and distributed lectures in terrorism advocating violence.

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One video called for Muslims to get involved in violent jihad. Another asserted that Muslims must support jihad physically and financially.

A recording of a lecture was also discovered where Jalal Hussain gave 20 ways in which “a Muslim can die for Allah and be assured of a place in paradise”.

Both men pleaded guilty on March 24 to six charges each of disseminating terrorist publications and encouraging terrorism.

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