Two labour councillors defect to Respect

TWO councillors have joined Respect after not being reselected for Labour.

By Else Kvist

TWO councillors have joined Respect after not being reselected for Labour.

The regional Labour party took over the selection of Tower Hamlets Labour candidates after complaints of membership abuse over the way ward candidates were voted in.

Councillor Salim Ullah will continue to stand in his Bethnal Green South ward and Cllr Haque will still stand in Weavers but both under Respect instead.

A Respect spokesman didn't deny they might have joined because they weren't selected for Labour.

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He said: "That might well be the case. But there are some good people in the Labour party and it often takes a good reason for them to leave. George (Galloway) was expelled after 30 plus years.

"They obviously like Respect and think our policies are compatible with theirs, and think we are a serious and electable alternative."

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Two former senior Labour members will also be standing for Respect.

Labour's Tower Hamlets vice chair, Lutfur Rahman, not to be confused with the council leader, and former executive Labour member Muhammed Mustaqim will also stand as Respect councillors.

Respect political adviser Rob Hoveman will also stand as a councillor in Weavers.

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