UFO hunters reported multiple sightings in Docklands

UFO files released by the Government show a group of paranormal hunters reported multiple sightings in Docklands.

The Woolwich UFO Research Group reported unexplained phenomena near what is now the O2 in 2000 and 2001 saying at least 30 people saw a bright orange spherical object.

The Ministry of Defence at the time dismissed the sightings near London City Airport and said it didn’t have cause for concern its airspace was being breached.

The National Archives have released the files which show a fake flying saucer hoax by students caused the Government to launch a full investigation into aliens.

In December 2000, the group reported a triangular UFO which it says was observed for a few minutes over the Millennium Dome.

Then in February 2001, a bright orange UFO was reported hovering over the exact same spot.

The group said the objects posed a direct threat to craft using nearby City Airport.

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