Video: Dog-walker battles ‘over-zealous’ warden over poo claim in Victoria Park Tower Hamlets

The Tower Hamlets Enforcement Officer confronts Ms Langtry. Picture: YouTube.

The Tower Hamlets Enforcement Officer confronts Ms Langtry. Picture: YouTube. - Credit: Archant

An “over-zealous” park warden phoned for police back up in a row over dog poo.

In a video posted on YouTube, the enforcement officer is seen confronting Amber Langtry, 35, as she walks her dog in Victoria Park, Tower Hamlets, with a friend on New Year’s Day.

During the ten-and-a-half minute clip recorded by Ms Langtry’s friend, the officer claims she has failed to clear up after her dog, a German Shepherd, which she repeatedly denies before asking to be shown the offending poo.

Seemingly unable to find the faeces he then radios for police back up as Ms Langtry insists on being shown the poo.

Speaking to a national newspaper, Ms Langtry said: “Our dogs went to the toilet and we cleaned up the mess as we do every time.

“Forty-five minutes later a man in high-vis shouted at us from across the park and tried to give me a ticket for prosecution, which could mean a court hearing and a £1,000 fine.”

“I asked to see the mess and he said ‘no’. He tried to get my details and then started reading me my rights and telling me I’d be arrested, and then called for police back-up.”

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Under Schedule 5 of the Police Reform Act 2002, Enforcement Officers have the right to ask for a person’s name and address, but they have no power of arrest including the reading of rights

In a five page letter to Miss Langtry, Tower Hamlets council said it would not pursue the prosecution, but added: “the officer has power to deal with an offence of failing to remove dog faces [sic].”

It goes on to state that “the officer was on single patrol at the time and made a dynamic risk assessment for his own personal safety.

“The dog barked at the officer and this is also admitted by the owner.”

The video was posted on YouTube with a the caption: “A New Years Day morning dog walk in Victoria Park goes horribly wrong when an over-zealous Tower Hamlets Enforcement Officer accuses me of letting my dog defaecate in the park [sic].”

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