Video: Parkour academy in Tower Hamlets offering training

Chainstore London Academy of Parkour in Trinity Buoy Wharf

Chainstore London Academy of Parkour in Trinity Buoy Wharf - Credit: Archant

Do you dream of scaling up walls like Spiderman?

A new custom-designed arena in Tower Hamlets is promising to help people do just that, at the Chainstore London Academy of Parkour in Trinity Buoy Wharf.

Chris Rowat, manager and senior coach of Parkour Generations, says the venue provides a “dream training ground” for those who train there.

He regularly competes and trains internationally but also really enjoys being back at home in London.

“I think it is one of the most popular cities for Parkour at the moment,” he said. “The community here is very positive and very connected and it’s a nice melting pot for ideas and different training disciplines.”

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Plans to expand and and adapt the centre are already underway due to its popularity.

Chris says that for him, parkour is about freedom.

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“It’s not being constrained or stopped by obstacles or things that might be in your way and realising that if you are willing to work hard at something then you can overcome almost anything,” he added.

For more information about the training centre, visit

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