Viewpoint: Proud to declare borough a ‘Trump Free Zone’


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Tower Hamlets is now a ‘Donald Trump Free Zone’. I am pleased that my initiative was supported at the last full council meeting. But what does all this mean and how relevant is all of this to you as a reader of the Advertiser and a Tower Hamlets resident?

I am delighted that we here have followed in the wake of the great American city of Chicago, whose Mayor Rahm Emmanuel has declared Chicago a ‘Trump free zone’.

Making Tower Hamlets a Trump Free Zone, may not cause the US president sleepless nights – but this is a very important reaffirmation of a widespread belief in our borough that there is no place in our home for the bigotry that pours almost daily from the Trump White House. It is also an important message of solidarity to our American friends who are struggling with the enormity of the horror of the Trump Presidency.

Hopefully, the stand we have taken in Tower Hamlets will embolden other local authorities to do the same and persuade the prime minister to withdraw her invitation.

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