We don’t want junk food takeaway next to our school

Right now there is a debate in Shadwell about the proposal to turn a disused grocer’s store into a chicken takeaway. So it is surprising this concern is not being taken into account by Tower Hamlets council’s development committee meeting to consider the application

Dear Ed,

PLANNING issues are sometimes controversial. Public concerns are sensitive and need to be taken into account when planning decisions are made. Sometimes small issues can illuminate wider concerns.

Right now, in East London there is a debate in Shadwell about the proposal to turn a disused grocer's store into a chicken takeaway.

Tower Hamlets council, to put this in context, has a policy of encouraging healthy eating and lifestyles. A fine and noble intention.

But small businesses have always known that an easy way to make money is by selling 'junk' food to kids. Chips and burgers are cheap to produce and make lots of money. Some entrepreneurs don't care what effect they have on children.

So it is surprising that these wider concerns are not being taken into account by the council's development committee meeting this month to consider an application for a takeaway next door to one of the East End's biggest secondary schools.

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I along with many other people in Shadwell am calling on councillors to think again before agreeing to this proposal.

It is strange that planning officials at the Town Hall have restricted their comments to where rubbish bins are placed and parking provision, rather than considering the wider social issues involved in this planning proposal.

Stuart Madewell

Cable Street, Shadwell

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