West Ham fans fume at ref after Manchester United defeat

Hammers fans blast Lee Mason after United defeat

West Ham fans discuss the issues on our twitter site


This week the fans react to the 4-2 defeat to manchester United

We made a great start but we were never in control of the game. We were just minding the three points for Man United.

Russell Alder

I am furious that the ref decided to give an undeserving make-up penalty to Manchester United. Where should Upson have his arms? In his shorts?

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The simple fact is, we are going down! Just because we have been on a lucky run, journalists think we will stay up, fact is we are not!

Craven Moorehead

We shoulden’t have shouldn’t of thrown it away but let’s be honest, United were the

Jack Duignan

We gave them too much space to play in the second half, poor decisions cost us again! We put so much into the first half, but we looked tired in the second. How many times have we seen that? Gutted really thought we’d take point(s)

Sam Mayoss

I am really frustrated. The second half was poor but Vidic should’ve gone. 2-0 up with United down to 10 men, I’m convinced we would’ve won that.

Kwame Boakye

I didn’t expect much from the game but aggrieved at referees joke of a penalty decision and not sending Vidic off.


Manchester United are the luckiest side and Vidic should have been sent off, Upson never handled it and we should have had two more penalties. Grant made bad decisions too but the referee was at fault for the big decisions.

Evra I thought should have went after he moved his hand towards the ball. Gutted.

Chris McGrath

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