West Ham fans have mixed emotions over Olympic Stadium

Fans have concerns over major issues

HAMMERS fans make their voices heard on the big issues affecting their club on our twitter site:


Olympic Stadium

“Sooner us than Spurs, but I think the running track will make for a soulless stadium.

Last I heard, West Ham plan to put AstroTurf over it.” 30-something gamer.

“If the atmosphere is not impacted what is the issue with the stadium? Upton Park is not the place we know and love. Atmosphere has not been right there for a number of years.” Russell Alder.

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“We all need to realise the decision is about egacy and common sense. You can’t knock it down after promising it will host athletics.” Nick Homer.

“Don’t know whether to be happy or annoyed to be honest. Having a stadium which we won’t fill and will look stupid in.” Jack Duignan.

“It’s great news, even if we can’t fill a 60k stadium now it gives us an opportunity to grow which Upton Park will never do.” David Segal.

West Brom draw

“It’s too little too late. All we ask for is a performance lasting 90 mins. What mindset were we in to start like that? And it takes Parker to shake to tree for a reaction. They should have sacked Grant on the morning of the Arsenal game.” Jamie

“Story of the season. We only play in fits and starts. Surely that’s where the manager comes in?” Neil Fairchild

“I can’t take much more of this!!!” Allan Van Leer

“Why won’t they fire Avram? I don’t get it. They will fire if relegated so why keep him? So frustrated.” Dan Covello

“Comes to something when a player is more inspirational at half time than the boss!” Andrew Griffin

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