West Ham fans know where the club’s priorities lie

“Staying up is the priority but a chance at silverware would have been brilliant”

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“Staying up is the priority but a chance at silverware would have been brilliant. Stoke didn’t beat us the ref did!

“Gutted some bad decisions from ref for both teams.” Chris McGrath.

“Missed two great chances this season of getting to Wembley but the league is far more important. Europe and championship - no thanks! Graeme Stafford.

“Staying up is paramount but can’t help thinking we’ve missed two amazing chances to get to Wembley.

“Stoke and Birmingham are both poor sides!” Steve Cox.

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“I am gutted that we didn’t turn up and got bullied into playing route one for most of the game.” Essex Hammer.

“To be honest, I know being in the FA Cup is fantastic but staying up is our top priority right now, so not sad really.”Paul Jarman.

“I am really frustrated. Grant wasn’t bold enough when he replaced Fredderic Piquionne with Jonathan Spector. We could’ve won that game if Grant was braver.

“I can understand leaving Demba Ba out because it’s more important he’s available for the weekend. But why couldn’t Hines or Keane replace Piquionne?” Kwame Boakye.

“Staying up should always be the priority, cup run is a nice bonus but the Premier League status is always more important to me.” Martine.

“I am a little gutted but not bitter. As a team we did our best with the cards we were dealt over the 90 minutes.” Russell Alder

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