West Ham fans left agitated by Hammers board’s indecision

Fans unhappy with lack of information given

WEST HAM fans have been left confused and agitated by the lack of information given by the board over the future of the boss Avram Grant and the team over the past couple of weeks.

The club issued a statement on Tuesday finally backing the boss after being linked with a move for Martin O’Neill.

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“A balls up from start to finish!”


“WHUFC should of done this Sunday. So I think we’re doomed to be honest.”

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“They wanted O’Neill he turned us down and now we have to stick with Grant. Its humiliating for the club and fans.”


“The way Grant’s been treated is shocking. He’s behaved with dignity despite the uncertainty and unprofessional behaviour from above.”


“Owners made the error in the summer, they should own up and pay him off. Only reason Grant is still in charge.”


“No matter what people say the table doesn’t lie. Any other club would have sacked their manager before Jan. Too little too late.”


“Grant should stay, Brady should go!”


“That’s sealed our fate then! I am not happy at all, I’m done with the club now, relegated without doubt.”


“Feel sorry for Avram he knows they don’t want him. Can’t get O’Neill and fans would hate Sam Allardyce.”


“Too little too late - everyone knows if MoN (Martin O’Neill) wanted it, it’d be his.

“It’s been amateur night in the Boardroom this week.

“They need to give him money for transfers and not just empty words. And Brady should knock her column on the head!”


“Right decision, far too late.

“The time taken to publicly back him has probably done damage that can’t be fixed.”


“I think with the lack of money we have to invest in this window we’re better off sticking.”


“Well it’s about time we have one unsettled news out of the way although I’m still not sure Avram’s the right man for the job.”


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