West Ham fans not concerned by much maligned 4-5-1 formation

Hammers happy with winning formula

Every week our West Ham correspondent Nathaniel John asks Hammers fans their opinions on the goings on at the club.

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This week Nathaniel asks; ‘Are you happy with Sam Allardyce’s tactics? Is 4-5-1 the one? Or should it be 4-4-2?’

It has to be 4-5-1 away 4-4-2 at home for me......especially at home to Peterborough, otherwise Baldock was a pointless signing in my opinion.

@MarkieReynolds Mark Reynolds

A winning formation is the way for me. Winds me up that people are complaining, yet we’re flying. He’s the manager, let him do his job I say.

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@phill_joseph Phill Joseph

Big Sam is playing winning football, so of course I’m happy regardless of formation.

@Moose_talkSPORT Ian ‘Moose’ Abrahams

We need to start being more clinical in front of goal. By that, I believe we should have two up top as it’s vital to win at home.

@MarshyWHUFC Nick Marsh

4-5-1 is vital against teams like Peterborough, because it means possession. Big Sam will swap the formation after the team is settled.

@benny_berger Benny Berger

I would like to see Baldock get a go in a 4-4-2, but who do you sacrifice from the centre of midfield? Oh, and don’t forget, it’s 4-3-3, not 4-5-1!

@pudderst Tim Pudney

Personally, I would love to see a 4-4-2 formation. However, Big Sam is getting the results with a 4-5-1. Ok, It isn’t the prettiest of matches, but if it’s working then I suppose we’ve got to stick with it. Once the team fully gels, I think things will also improve on the pitch.

@lwhitey75 Lee White

4-5-1 has given us good results and good football. It gave us the former but not the latter on Saturday, but that was one game. Let’s not get short-termist. Good to see we can grind out results if need be. We’ll need to.

@olliedearn Ollie Dearn

I’d prefer 4-4-2 at home, but if it ain’t broke etc. I just want to win games, and if that is what we are doing then why change?

@oakey_dokey Dave Oakman

If we are getting the results, then we can’t really complain, whatever the system is.

@jonfoz1 Jon Foster

Can’t see what the problem is – we’re winning games at long last! If it’s not broke, why try fix it?

@louisb91 Louis Baker

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