West Ham fans split on whether Grant should go now

Fans unsure as to benefit of sacking Israeli now

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This week, should Avram Grant be sacked immediately?

Sack him now! Give Lomas the last two games, he can’t do any worse!

Daniel O’Donoghue

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Too Late should have gone at Christmas! Damage done now! Id sack him for last two games anyway. Get Slaven Bilic in as Manger.

Jay O Connor

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Does it really matter now? His ineptitude and Boards lack of control have taken us down. Shoulda gone months ago.

Allan Van Leer_#itf

No it achieves nothing. going down without fight is bad enough but at let’s least go down with some dignity.

Niall McDonald

Only if we can get Sir Trev in for the last two games!

30-something gamer

Only if whoever takes over is prepared to play in the Championship. But what can you do in one week? Hope to galvanize the squad is it.

Nick Homer

As we are virtually down, we may aswell sack and let someone like Tony Carr see out the remainder. Can’t do any worse!

Lewis Erentrauts

He has to go, we have some really good players, should be a top 12 team at least


So long as it happens before the start of next season, the exact timing of Grant’s departure is irrelevant.


There’s no point in sacking him now. Hopefully his pay off will be less in the Championship.

Andy Taczynski

Why should we do him the favor? He should go down with the ship, not be given extra time to find a new team to relegate


It’s too late to shack him now. The only thing we can hope for is that he pushes the players so he can leave with some dignity.

Chris McGrath

Grant should go at end of the season. Failure to motivate players with proven ability is unacceptable, as is relegation.

Kevin Hanney

Without doubt, he’s a poor manager! We knew his record at Portsmouth why did we even look at him in the first place!!!

Graeme Stafford

No point in getting rid of him now, we have to accept our fate but get a new manager in early to attack next season.

shelley wyatt

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