West Ham fans think the manager, board and players are all to blame for relegation

Fans anger at the failings at Upton Park

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This week the fans talk about who they think is to blame for the club’s relegation.

They all played their part. From under performing overpriced players to gutless board decisions and unfair treatment.

Jodie Crane

Last time Gold and Sullivan made the worst possible appointment, Ancelotti would galvanise the fans and players. He’s a world class manager. I blame Gold and Sullivan the most. They appointed Grant when no-one wanted him and they didn’t back him enough in the summer transfer window.

Kwame Boakye

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Grant but also the board for appointing him in the first place and then not sacking him when he clearly wasn’t up to the job.

30-something gamer

Mourinho wouldn’t have got anything out of this lot! None of them fit to wear our shirt, except Scott Parker obviously!

Stuart Paxman

They are all culpable. Grant was bad tactically and bought poorly. The board was too disruptive and visible for me. Strikers were needed in August not January. Too little too late.

Niall McDonald

I blame the lot. The board hired Grant who was awful and the players never performed.

Craigo Bee

The board must for pay for failure to admit they appointed the wrong man.


They all had a part to play, but mainly the board for appointing a manager who just got a team relegated.

NJ Clark

The managerial appointment of Grant was so poorly judged that the team responsible for selecting him would be sacked in business. To use the board’s own methods they should all be sacked in the reception as they leave work today.


I blame the board, players then Grant.

Nigel Kahn

The Board signed Grant, which meant the players had the weakest person possible at the helm. They are all to blame.

Y. So-Serious

There has been so much wrong over the last few seasons not just this one. Curbs stable then it all went wrong.

Adam Sage

Firstly the players who have not given 100 per cent followed by Grant for his management failings, then the board for the appointment.

Phil Smith

All three are to blame. Grant’s ability to demoralise, the boards medalling and not sacking Grant in January and the players for under-performing.

Chris McGrath

I’d like to say the board, but it goes back a lot further than them. Things have been a mess for some time now.

Andrea Ryder

Everyone is to blame but Scott Parker.

Bobby Lovell

The board, manager, players, you can’t just blame one lot. We are rotten from top to bottom.


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