West Ham fans undecided about potential move to the Olympic Stadium

Opinion split between Hammers as some want to stay at Upton Park

Every week our West Ham correspondent Nathaniel John asks Hammers fans their opinions on the goings on at the club.

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This week, Hammers fans react to the news that the deal for the club to own the Olympic Stadium has fallen through.

We should stay at Upton Park. We can’t be dealing with years of legal processes followed by watching football games from the clouds.


Renting may be cheaper in the short-tem, but with a yearly lease, it could leave us horribly exposed.

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Renting is only an option if we can customise it adequately. If the Olympic Stadium is just a basic athletics ground with a football pitch chucked in the middle then we would be better off staying at Upton Park.


I think we will still get it, we save on redevelopment costs at least. However, if Spurs aren’t moving to Stratford then I would be tempted to tell the OPLC to do one, stay at Upton Park and let the Olympic Stadium become a white elephant.


Assuming renting means we are unable to develop the Olympic Stadium as we want, then staying at Upton Park and developing if we can seems better.


I’m undecided about the move. I love a matchday at Upton Park, but for the future of the club I think a move would be best. The atmosphere is an issue, though.


To be honest, I think I’d rather stay at the Boleyn. I wasn’t the bigger fan of the move in the first place.


Leasing of the Olympic Stadium may be beneficial to West Ham in the long run. But this whole situation is a mess.


Tottenham don’t want it, Orient can’t afford it, and so it comes to West Ham on a rental basis, which works out cheaper and helps our cash flow.


I really want us to stay at Upton Park. Most fans want us to stay, it’s just the owners that want to move for more money!


I think if we don’t get into that stadium somehow, it will literally cost us big time.


I’m open minded. I would ony comment when I’ve seen the Olympic Stadium and the seating arrangements, which will e quite a wile….


Why won’t the club listen to the fans? We would love to develop the Chicken Run and stay at Upton Park!


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