What makes Lincoln Plaza a ‘carbuncle’ on the Isle of Dogs?

Carbuncle on the Isle of Dogs? [pictures: Building Design]

Carbuncle on the Isle of Dogs? [pictures: Building Design] - Credit: Building Design

The Isle of Dogs looks like becoming London’s ‘Carbuncle capital’ with its funny-looking towers, according to architectural experts.

£800,000 to live in the 'carbuncle'

£800,000 to live in the 'carbuncle' - Credit: Building Design

The new Lincoln Plaza residential complex at South Plaza, next to Canary Wharf, has been named today as winner of the 2016 Carbuncle Cup—that’s a sort of ‘unacclaimed’ title for blotting London Docklands’ skyline with an eyesore that should really have been lanced.

But nevertheless, Tower Hamlets Council in its wisdom gave Galliard Homes a clean bill of health when plans for the two 31-storey towers were given the once-over.

Judges from Building Design, the architect profession’s journal, describe the towers with their standalone drum-shaped building on one side as a hideous melange of materials, forms and colours.

“Lincoln Plaza is the type of project that gives high-rise housing a bad name,” fumed judging architect Ben Flatman. “The pressing need for more homes at higher densities is done no favours by this scheme.”

The magazine’s editor Thomas Lane also waded in with his trowel, unable to fathom why the architect “felt it necessary” to cram so many elevations on to one building.

Lane scorns: “This is the worst building among a swathe of mediocrity—South Quay is rapidly turning into London’s Carbuncle Cluster.”

But it’s not cheap living in the Carbuncle. You won’t get much change out of £800,000 for any of the three remaining three-bedroom apartments.

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For your dosh, you get access to a snooker suite, private cinema and gym—plus a “sky garden” on top of the Carbuncle.

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