Wheels in motion for campaign for 20mph speed limits

Speed limits of 20mph could soon be introduced on London’s roads if a campaign backed by Assembly Member John Biggs is successful.

The GO 20 group is pushing for new limits to be introduced around schools and residential areas, after research was published showing that the number of deaths caused by road accidents has gone down by 42 per cent in areas with 20mph speed limits.

Speaking at the launch of the GO 20 campaign last week, the former leader of Tower Hamlets council said: “A 20 mph limit offers the potential to increase levels of walking and cycling.”

“I would like to hear from residents about where in Tower Hamlets could benefit from 20mph limits, where there are dangerous black spots and where crossings need to be made safer.”

Mr Biggs recently backed a review into the junction of Mile End Road with Burdett Road and Grove Road, describing the lack of fatal accidents there in recent years as a “miracle”.

The Assembly Member for City and east London is now urging people to come forward to help identify other accident black spots in the East End in an effort to make roads safer for cyclists.

“I’m calling on local residents to let me know which junctions they think are unsafe”, he said.

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“It is more important than ever to slow down traffic in residential areas and make all of our dangerous junctions and streets safe for people on foot and bicycle.”

Junctions currently being reviewed by TfL include Bow Roundabout, Horseferry Road and various junctions along Mile End Road.