Where’s our traffic railing gone, Boris? pub landlady demands

BORIS Johnson’s campaign to get rid of street clutter’ like pedestrian barriers has backfired in London’s East End. He’s drawn the wroth of pub landlady Pauline Forster along the busy Commercial Road where railings have been removed

By Else Kvist

BORIS Johnson's campaign to get rid of 'street clutter' like pedestrian barriers has backfired in London's East End.

He's drawn the wroth of angry pub landlady Pauline Forster who runs Stepney's George Tavern along the busy Commercial Road.

Four lorries with a dozen men pulled up outside her boozer to cut down the metal railings.

But they also whipped away a few bikes that were chained to them!

"If it's 'clutter' they want to get rid of, how about the horrible, vandalised phone kiosks?" she demanded. "Or how about the dangerously uneven paving stones that threaten to break many an ankle, wrist or hip?"

She found out from Transport for London that it was part of a 'de-cluttering' and safety policy because drivers are more cautious if there are no railings.

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But there are three secondary schools within walking distance of the railings that were removed along this busy stretch of the A13.

The railings protected the kids from pushing each other into the road at home time, she pointed out.

A City Hall spokesman told the East London Advertiser: "Where there are no clear safety benefits for railings, the Mayor has asked that they are removed. Railings are inconvenient for pedestrians and intimidating for cyclists."

But anyone whose bike was whipped away can reclaim them by calling 0845-305 1234.