Whitechapel Crossrail engineer urges more women to consider working in male-dominated industries

Crossrail engineer Regina Tumblepot

Crossrail engineer Regina Tumblepot - Credit: Archant

Crossrail shift engineer Regina Tumblepot doesn’t let being the only woman on site hold her back from doing her job.

Crossrail engineer Regina Tumblepot

Crossrail engineer Regina Tumblepot - Credit: Archant

She is currently working alongside 24 men on the construction of the new Whitechapel Crossrail station and even won apprentice of the year in 2013 for her efforts - and is campaigning for more women to join her.

“I get treated with just as much respect as everybody else and nobody acts any differently around me - we all just get on with it and it is not something I can consider,” Regina, 27, said.

As a supporter of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects and a recent speaker at a WISE convention, which promotes female talent, she is passionate about encouraging women to join the industry and visits schools to spread the word.

“It is vital to give young people more of an idea of what engineering involves and tell them that there are opportunities there, plus it has been proven that diversity in the job is really important, ” Regina said. “The government has been going on a lot about getting people into the subject and we need to relay that to children from a young age.”

She says she fell into her job “by accident” after her talent in maths, physics and problem solving was recognised as the perfect skillset for engineering.

Working seven 12-hour shifts in a row followed by four days off, while also fitting in a higher level qualification at college doesn’t make for an easy ride but Regina insists that it is a rewarding job.

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“It is really good to be working on such a big project and I like the fact that I am using my brain and it is quite active,” she said.

“It has been amazing knowing that we are going to make such a difference to people’s lives.”

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