Whitechapel nun pens book of 12 stories to inspire selflessness in society

Dr Kathleen Murphy with her book The Splendour of Caring

Dr Kathleen Murphy with her book The Splendour of Caring - Credit: Dr Kathleen Murphy

A Whitechapel nun has put pen to paper in order to tell the world about the selfless work of her sisters in a bid to inspire others to do the same.  

Dr Kathleen Murphy is a member of the Sisters of our Lady of Mercy in Hardinge Street, a convent which dedicates time to helping those in need, as well as an author.

Her recent release, The Splendour of Caring, is a collection of 12 stories about people who are suffering and need of attention, comfort and care.

Through their stories, Sister Kathleen says she is demonstrating the importance of reaching out to others and lending a helping hand.

Sister Kathleen told the Advertiser: “It seems there is more of a focus today to be very materialistic, ambitious and self-sufficient, than the importance of service.

“What I’m hoping people take away from the book is the need to make themselves available to the sick, the lonely, the poor and the vulnerable, that they will hear a call from God to reach out and be a listening ear, a comforting hand and an open heart to all those who are struggling."

Dr Kathleen Murphy

Dr Kathleen Murphy with her former students at the launch of The Splendour of Caring. L-r: Quartus Gould, Sister Kathleen, Julie Della-Fera and Dominic Vallely. - Credit: Dr Kathleen Murphy

The Sisters of our Lady of Mercy was founded in Dublin in 1831 by a rich heiress who, upon seeing the needs of the poor in the inner city, spent her inheritance setting up a house to support the local poor.

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In time, this developed into a religious order and spread all over Ireland, the UK, the USA, Canada and across the world.

Throughout the many years since then, the sisters of the order have faithfully dedicated their time to the many needs of the local people regardless of creed, religion, colour or class.

The sisters support multiple charities and schools, including homeless charities The Passage in Westminster and Providence Row in the East End's Wentworth Street.

Sister Kathleen herself has been an active nun for more than 50 years, after moving from Ireland in the 1960s and taking her vows in the early 1970s. 

Her other works include The Women of the Passion and In the Spirit of Pentecost.