Why Henry at 101 didn’t jive at Isle of Dogs pensioners’ tea dance

It looks like centenarian Henry Abraham went a step too far at the tea dance with his arm around the Queen.

But this spritely 101-year-old won’t be packed off to the Tower of London.

It was just a cardboard cut-out of Her Majesty that greeted pensioners like Henry when the Isle of Dogs Community Foundation staged its annual tea dance at George Green’s school hall last Thursday.

This year’s bash for the over-50s had the Queen’s jubilee as its theme, with ballroom, line dancing and jive—although Henry preferred sitting it out.

“Unfortunately, I can’t dance,” he admitted. “I get dizzy—but it’s a great tea dance and the volunteers are wonderful who run it.”

The tea dance sponsored by State Street bank attracted a record 150 East End pensioners as well as volunteers from four big banks and a US oil company in Canary Wharf. Even the neighbourhood police, MP Jim Fitzpatrick and Tower Hamlets council’s Deputy Speaker Rajib Ahmed turned up for a twirl.