Youngsters’ film screened at Aberfeldy Community Centre

A film exploring the issues faced by youngsters in the East End has been shown off at a public screening.

Children as young as seven were involved in writing the story line for a film entitled “The Life of the Aberfeldy Primary”, which explores issues including bullying by parents and teachers.

It was made as part of a project by Poplar community group Milestone.

The organisation’s managing director, Asad Khan, said: “We had over 25 young people involved in the project and they have produced some fantastic work.

“I have not seen so many enthusiastic kids with such imagination, drive and dedication. I have had an amazing experience and hoping to work with the group to look the issues in more depth.”

The film was screened to a crowd of more than 50 people at the Aberfeldy Neighbourhood Centre in Aberfeldy Street, Poplar, on July 19.