A former kickboxing champion has opened a 'super gym' in Whitechapel.

Christian Thomson, 33, founded Precision Health Gyms alongside his business partner, Virgis Silinskas, 37 in a bid to help people train like elite athletes.

The gym claims to be the first one in the UK to use biomechanics, physiological, metabolic and biochemical scanning to "build a precise physiological picture" of the individual.

The laboratory-grade technologies include blood tests and pressure-plated treadmills fitted with cameras which take up to 240 images per second.

The technologies can even calculate how many calories each member should consume a day to achieve their desired results.

Christian, who has a biology degree and is head scientist at Precision Health Gyms, said: "Our mission is to remove the guesswork and frustration people experience when trying to improve their health and fitness but fail through a lack of identifying the body's needs.

"We want to shake up the health and fitness world and bring something new which has never been done before in the UK."

After being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (ME), Christian developed a "test; don't get" ethos.

In order to combat the health issues he was facing, the five-time British kickboxing champion focused on scientific testing to personally tailor his recovery.

Christian said "normal people" need access to these testing procedures, which are usually reserved for elite athletes.

The aim of the new physiology and fitness gym is to make it "accessible to everyone".

He added: "Precision Health Gyms has sourced the best in advances assessment technologies and made these accessible to everyone so people can uncover what's holding them back.

"Through these testing methods, we can clearly define how their body responds and what the best strategy is to improve their health and fitness."

Members' bodies are reassessed every 90 days, allowing trainers and scientists to create what Precision Health Gyms called a "roadmap for nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and supplementation".

East London Advertiser: Members use oxygen masks for full-body testingMembers use oxygen masks for full-body testing (Image: Stewart Turkington)

The Whitechapel gym, in Cambridge Heath Road, launched on August 5.