Lee Valley Ice Centre will be offering free skating sessions to mark World Ice Skating Day (WISD) on Sunday, December 3. 

The brand new £30 million twin Olympic ice rink is owned by Lee Valley Regional Park Authority and managed by GLL, a charitable social enterprise and worker-owned cooperative operating under the community brand Better, and is joining the celebrations this year with the aim to get more children and young people onto the ice and developing the future of Ice Skating.

Building on the success of the inaugural event, which saw participation from 47 countries and nearly 170 ice rinks worldwide, WISD is a global celebration of the spirit and joy of ice skating. This annual festival is designed to bring together individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels to revel in the excitement of ice skating sports.

This year's edition promises to elevate the WISD experience with an array of new and exciting partnerships, including Lee Valley Ice Centre, the participation of renowned skating icons, and an expanded list of countries joining the festivities. 

Gavin Pearce, General Manager at Lee Valley Ice Centre, said: "We’re thrilled to host World Ice Skating Day at Lee Valley Ice Centre. This event is not only about celebrating the sport we love but also making it accessible to everyone. By offering a free session, we hope to encourage more young people to discover the joy of ice skating and contribute to the vibrant and inclusive ice sports community."

Lee Valley Ice Centre encourages everyone, from seasoned skaters to beginners, to join in the festivities as they host a free skating session from 9am-10am on Sunday, December 3 so why not lace up your skates and be a part of the global celebration of World Ice Skating Day.

To book your place visit bookings.better.org.uk/location/lee-valley-ice-centre/public-skating/2023-12-03/by-time