Archery shoot at Tower of London

GOLD medallists and amateurs were right on target as they had a go in an archery shoot at the Tower of London. The shoot on Monday was held to announce the new partnership of Archery GB and Foresters Friendly Society.

This partnership gives Archery GB the financial backing to help with competitions leading up to the 2012 Olympics.

Archery experts were on hand showing how to score with a bow and arrow.

The large targets, set up in the ancient moat, were just a few yards in front of the 600-year-old castle perimeter walls.

Tourists peered over the front gates as Archery GB member Maggie Wolf warned me: “Now we don’t want to shoot down The Tower!”

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I was not even close to the target as I tried out the ancient sport of archery.

“Are you always this pretentious?” she joked.

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I was having some trouble following directions, a dangerous thing when aiming a sharp arrow.

Standing at little more than 5ft, I was glad I didn’t have to use a professional long bow.

Nevertheless, as I pulled back on the short bow with my right arm, I was so surprised how much strength it requires.

I closed my left eye and attempted to line up the end of the arrow with the yellow centre of the target.

“Feel the pressure of the bow and keep your left arm up and steady,” Ms. Wolf instructed.

With high hopes, I released my right hand. The arrow soared through the air. The target was barely hit, but the arrow instead pierced my crest-fallen ego.

It’s safe to say I will be sticking to journalism and not going for gold in archery.

Luckily, no one was hurt.

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