Golf tips: Shanks and tops

PUBLISHED: 11:22 08 May 2015 | UPDATED: 11:22 08 May 2015

How to use your golf bag to help with stance

How to use your golf bag to help with stance


A guide to improving your game

Andrew Clissold is a golf coach based at Rainham’s Ingrebourne Links and will be giving tips on how to improve your game this summer.

For his first lessson, he looks at how to cure your shank and topped shots.

This is something I’m sure we have all been through at some point – I know I have!

The Problem: at some point in your swing you stand up. People will often say “you looked up” and to some degree they are right.

But what you are NOT doing is taking your eye off the ball – you stand up!

What do I mean by “standing up”?

During your swing, your hips push forward towards the ball. As you do this it straightens your spine angle, you come out of your posture.

Below is the address position and then what I mean by standing up.

This pushes the hosel towards the ball giving the shank. Also it raises your posture and therefore where the club bottoms out – in this case too high!

How do we fix it?

To keep the hips back, get your golf bag and place it against your bum. Make some swings and keep your bum back on the bag throughout – as shown.

To start with just do this without the ball.

You can hit shots doing this also and then when you come to play, just imagine your golf bag in behind you and never shank or top it again!

If you shank or top the ball and want some further help, call Andrew on 01708 552054 or 07931587342 or email

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