Whitelock departs Bethnal Green after two turbulent months in charge

Former Greens chief could link up with Justin Garder at Aveley FC

Former Bethnal Green United boss Kirk Whitelock admitted that he had left the club with a heavy heart following his decision to step down as manager.

The 49-year-old revealed that he was leaving the club before the Greens’ last game of the season at London APSA on Saturday.

The Mile End Stadium outfit went on to lose the game 3-1, which wasn’t surprising given the fact that they only had 10 players initially turn up for the match.

“I told the club that I was leaving and they already knew that I couldn’t make Saturday’s game as I had a family event to attend,” said Whitelock.

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“They only had 10 men turn up, managed to get a few more in the end, but lost to a better side.

“It is not the end of the world for the team though, and they have some good players there.

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“If they can keep the nucleus of the team together for next season, then they will really be able to challenge for the title.”

Whitelock was initially drafted in as manager until the end of the season following Justin Gardner’s departure to Aveley FC.

And the former Greens chief admitted that he didn’t think he would be offered the job on a permanent basis.

“I spoke to Mohammed Nurul Hoque, the chairman of the club, and I just wasn’t getting the right vibes,” he said.

“I wasn’t told I was getting the job, but they didn’t say no either, so I decided to do the dignified thing, shook hands with everyone and walked away.

“It is a shame that it has had to end like that, but that is life.

“The chairman left me a nice message and it is time for us all to move on.”

And Whitelock admits that it will be hard for him not to be involved with the club that he so desperately loves, although he will continue to support the Greens from the Mile End terraces.

“Bethnal Green is such a good club and they need to build on this season and the success that they achieved,” he said.

“I guarantee that if they stick to it and keep the youngsters there then they will go places.

“I support the club and having to walk away really hurts me.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my eight weeks in charge, but I think it affected me off the pitch.

“Whenever we lost a game it would really affect me and get me down, but I didn’t let any of the players see that.

“I will 100 per cent continue to support the club and I will be there at every home game cheering them on.

“Bethnal Green is the best club that I have ever worked for and they are a superb group of lads.

“I guess that is just wasn’t my time.”

Whitelock also revealed that his stint as manager has brought on some health problems, while a drmatic turn of events could see him link up with former partner in crime Gardner at Aveley.

“I have been having headaches and dizzy spells, which is so unlike me,” he said. “So I have decided to take some time out under the order of my doctor.

“However, Justin has told me that the door is open for me at Aveley, and you never know what can happen in the future.”

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