London Lions point-guard Robinson on the importance of sport returning

Justin Robinson attacks for London Lions

Justin Robinson attacks for London Lions - Credit: Graham Hodges

London Lions point-guard Justin Robinson has hailed the importance of recreational sport and the impact it has on our lives as sport returns.

The impacts of the current lockdown have been felt by many, with nationwide restrictions causing real disruption to people’s lives throughout the country. 

But sports enthusiasts can now get back outdoors and playing the sports they love, with the nation's return to outdoor sports today after being in lockdown since Christmas.  

For millions across the UK, sport plays an integral role in their lives, having undisputed benefits for physical and mental wellbeing as for many it is not only a way to stay active and keep fit but a means to socialise, relieve stress and cope with the adversities of the pandemic. 

For Britain's youth, the closure of schools up and down the country has seen kids, who are used to participating in sport at least twice a week, become idle, inactive and cut off from their support network, so the return of recreational sport comes as welcome news.   

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To put it in perspective, a staggering 30 per cent of Brits believe the ability to play and watch sport aids their mental health more than any other mental health aid, with these figures increasing to 37 per cent in the BAME community.  

And London Lions star Robinson, a two-time MVP In the British Basketball League, said: “This is truly great news that I’m sure has brightened the day for so many across the country. Sport plays such an important role in the lives of millions of people, who can now get back to some form of normality and back to playing the sports they love.  

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“For the youth this will mean so much. Having kids myself I understand first hand the impact this current lockdown has had on them, unable to be with their friends, play outside due to the bad weather we’ve faced and really just deal with all this pent-up energy that a lot of kids have.  

“At London Lions, we promote sport as a sense of community and belonging and feel that it is crucial to help cope with the adversities that the past year has presented us with. Community outreach is something we as a team have been doing for a long time and it has helped us connect with youth in the area.  

“This year alone, we have set out to engage and work with communities up and down the country with our Hooping Back to School Programme that aims to ease the daunting transition back to school and normal life through sport and our personal experiences as a team and as individuals.  

“We believe the ability to watch and participate in sport will be key in helping combat the loneliness, anxiety and stress felt throughout the pandemic, and now we can all look forward to getting back playing it.” 

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