From the first autumn full moon to a meteor shower, this month's night sky will be packed with things to see.

Here are some things in the sky you should look out for in September.

The moon

Phases for September are as follows:

  • New moon - August 27
  • First quarter - September 13
  • Harvest Moon - September 10
    • This full moon is linked with the harvest and the autumnal equinox, giving off bright moonlight to aid in harvesting crops. It is also known as the Corn Moon and the Autumn Moon.
  • Last quarter - September 17
  • New moon - September 25

The stars and planets

Asteroid 3 Juno will be in opposition (when earth is between a body and the sun) on September 7, Jupiter on September 26 and Neptune on September 16.

There will be conjunctions (when bodies appear close to one another) between the moon and Saturn on September 8, the moon and Jupiter on September 11 and the moon and Mars on September 16.

On September 14, there will be a lunar occultation (when the moon passes in front of a body) of Uranus, blocking it from view.

The Autumn Equinox is also coming this month on September 23. There will be equal lengths of day and night.

Other things to look out for

Aurigid meteor shower

Active between August 28 and September 5, this shower will peak before dawn on September 1.

It is associated with comet Kiess and there may be up to six meteors an hour.

International Space Station

The ISS will be visible from September 1 to September 10.

It will appear between 3am and 5.15am for up to seven minutes moving from the south to the east.