Keep your eyes on the skies as the first meteor shower of the year is set to begin this week.

Activity from the Lyrids began overnight and will be ramping up over the coming days.

The shower will have its peak on April 22 and is set to last until April 29.

Meteors will be most visible about an hour before midnight and will be at their highest in the sky at dawn.

In a dark sky with no clouds, you can expect to see around 10 to 15 meteors per hour.

But the annual Lyrids shower is also known for uncommon surges, where there can be rates of up to 100 per hour.

The best way to spot meteors is to sit in the shade rather than under the moon.

The Lyrids meteor shower is associated with Comet Thatcher - being debris from the comet - and sits within the Lyra constellation.

Meteors from the Lyrids are characterised by leaving persistent trails. The trail is ionised gas that glows for a few seconds after the meteor passes.

Some can be brighter, known as 'Lyrid fireballs'.