A meteor shower associated with Halley's Comet is starting tonight.

The Orionids meteor shower is active from Monday, September 26, to Tuesday, November 22, peaking in late October.

The meteors come from Halley's Comet, which orbits the sun every 76 years and is also associated with the Eta Aquarids shower in May.

The meteors will be bright and fast with glowing trains and some fireballs.

At their peak, there will be a rate of up to 25 meteors per hour.

If you lay down or sit to watch the shower, ensure your feet are facing southeast for the best view.

The meteors' radiant, the point in the sky from which they appear, is the constellation of Orion.

Make sure to turn off phones and torches 15 minutes before to allow your eyes to adjust.

If you get a photo of the meteor shower, we'd love to see it. Send your pictures to grace.piercy@archant.co.uk.