Aeolus wind song sculpture coming to Canary Wharf

A giant acoustic sculpture that ‘sings’ with the passing breeze is being installed to the heart of Canary Wharf in east London this spring.

The sculpture, named after the God of the four winds in Greek mythology, is made of low tension nylon harp strings attached to 310 polished stainless steel tubes, directing the air into the centre of the sculpture which creates a wind ‘song’.

It is the result of a three-year study of acoustics, wind and architecture by artist Luke Jerram and inspired by his trip to Iran where he met a well-digger in the Qanat desert who spoke of “the wells singing in the wind”.

The sculpture will be positioned in Canada Square Park, where passers-by will experience change throughout the day as the clouds and sun move across the sky and surrounding buildings. It is one of 100 art events Canary Wharf hosts each year.

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