Ambitious art project in East End launched last week

An East End building has become the site for what could be the largest artwork produced outside of the Olympic Park.

The ambitious Another Space For a Wall project was launched last Wednesday, April 25 at Taylor Place, in Payne Road by artist Natasha Rosling.

Miss Rosling, 26, has undertaken the new project as she attempts to “distort the scales of the urban environment with a touch of the absurd” for the public to see.

She said: “It has been a huge project and to finally see it in the real was very exciting. It was an amazing experience to work with everyone involved across each stage. It couldn’t have happened without Blink Giant Media.” The first stage of the process included the installation of a large banner across the building in Payne Road, last Wednesday, in preparation for last Friday’s performance.

The banner depicts a human hand reaching into a 3D generated space, which will be attached to a series of three dimensional sculptural structures.

Ropes, bungees and harnesses, along with some brightly coloured costumes, set the scene for an experimental aerial performance by Sean Allen.

Mr Allen said: “What a fantatsic day, and a top team to work with. It was such good fun when the sun came out; there was nothing better than flying across that image and experimenting with that kind of weird situation up there!”

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Another Space for a Wall is one of a larger series of works by Natasha as part of her long term project Scale and Forces of Gravity in Desire, commissioned for the virtual exhibition platform Blow-Up.

For more information, visit and to see more of Natasha’s work visit