'Experiment that's working': Audience votes dictate storyline of 'unique' Hoxton play

Hoxton Hall's Hoxton Street interactive play

The story is based on real-life anecdotes from Hoxton - Credit: Hoxton Hall

An arts venue in Shoreditch has weaved real-life neighbourhood anecdotes together in a soap-opera style to create an interactive play about love, secrecy and desperation.

Hoxton Hall's Hoxton Street is a live play presented in four half-hour episodes and co-created by the audience through votes on cliffhangers.

Audience members are given cards with red and white sides, which they use to vote on where they want the story to go next.

It was written by Lil Warren and Oladipo Agboluaje and based on a concept by artistic director Karena Johnson.

“The outcome depends on the audience,” Lil said. “The younger audience might want to know more about the gangster storyline, while an older audience wants to follow the more mature branch.

"It’s different with each performance and keeps the cast on their toes.”

The play is accompanied by a soundwalk of Hoxton.

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Lil added: “This is a unique piece, an experiment that seems to be working.

"It’s authentic, and we don’t see a lot of authenticity in portrayals of working-class life. Especially in areas like Hoxton, which is so socially diverse. And it’s funny, but it’s dramatic too.”

Hoxton Street runs until May 28.