Digital portraits adourn East London bus stops

A new series of digital artworks is brightening up the tops of London bus stops throughout August.

Jemima Brown, the artist behind the project, which she has called ‘Circles of Fame’, has installed digital portraits of various famous or popular figures across London, including in Spitalfields.

Each figure will appear in the area in which they gained notoriety. Therefore, the Spitalfields installation will include portraits of local artists Gilbert and George, Mile End resident director Danny Boyle and Joanna Blazwick, who is director of the Whitechapel Gallery.

Brown hopes the installations will brighten up people’s bus journeys, and portray her view that social media is blurring the boundaries between fame, popularity and celebrity. She drew particular inspiration from the idea that the internet now allows people who were not previously in the public eye to gain notoriety quickly through mediums such as viral videos.

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