Don’t monkey around—go swing from a bar, Ape Planet film-makers urge

Passers by were stumped by the strange antics of these creatures monkeying around near Tower Bridge today.

You entered the dedicated ‘ape playground’ at your own risk, they were warned.

It turned out to be a stunt for the release of ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’, using a primate sanctuary similar to the one featured in the film—which appeared appropriately next to City Hall.

Erwan Le Corre, founder of Move Naturally, demonstrated a form of fitness that encourages us to ‘ape’ our distant ancestors and use our bodies as nature intended—climbing trees, jumping from bars and swinging on tires.

“We should learn from our evolutionary roots because research shows we’re becoming too sedentary,” Erwan urged. “People are too stressed by ‘over busy’ lives—we must release our inner ape and go jump, climb, balance and swing as nature intended.”

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Today’s gorilla action was a leap for the film making its world debut on Blu-ray, Triple Play and DVD, from the visual effects team that brought to life Avatar and Lord of the Ring.

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